Wavebar NC 5000 Grey Outdoor 1425mm Wide (Per Metre)


Wavebar NC is a high-performance mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier curtain offering superior acoustic transmission loss. It was developed to meet requirements for construction and industrial sites. Pyrotek engineered Wavebar NC to be tear-resistant, with a high tensile strength tarpaulin base fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV light. The product is durable, can resist most chemicals, solvents, petrol and offer versatility to hang or drape in long lengths. These properties make Wavebar NC the ideal choice for environments such as construction and industrial sites. 

 • Construction sites - both indoor and outdoor environments

• Enclosures for industrial equipment - punch presses, blowers, drop saws, granulators and generators

• Portable acoustic curtain - draped over fencing to create an acoustic barrier

• Noise curtain for portable mobile equipment including jackhammers, drilling rigs and pile-drivers

• Can be designed to be installed into a C-track support system for moveable / concertina curtains