Decidamp CLD Vibration and Sound Dampener (Self Adhesive)


Decidamp® Adhesive Backed CLD is a constrained layer, visco-elastic damping material, designed to reduce structural vibration and sound transmission within light gauge materials. CLD was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements in
the automotive, marine, industrial and OEM markets.

 Maximum performance achieved when applied to lightweight panels and steel substrates of up to 2mm, aluminium substrates up to 4mm and FRP (solid) up to 6mm thick
 Automotive floors, firewalls, doors, ceiling and boot panels
 Marine vessels: bulkheads, deckheads and hull construction
 Under metal deck roofs to reduce rain noise
 Generators, compressor covers and machine housing guards
 Metal air-conditioning ducts and compressor housings
 Laundry and garbage chutes, hoppers, lids and bins
 White goods and under sink bowls