White Nitrile Strip Rubber 3mm (PER METRE)


White FDA Nitrile Rubber is a white, superior grade, hygienic food grade 55 Duro Nitrile Rubber sheet, which resists food based oil and grease. It is FDA compliant, per 21 CFR 177.2600, making it approved for repeated and long term contact with food.

White Nitrile is non-toxic, non-marking & non-allergenic. It has good physical properties including mechanical strength, making it suitable for gasket sealing applications such as:

  • gaskets on pipes and tanks 
  • Lining of pipes and tanks 
  • Lining of food processing equipment >
  • Bumper protection strips in food handling 
  • Transfer and joining sleeves 
  • Insulating strip 
  • Food grade Scrapers 
  • Pulley Lagging

Temperature range: -25°C to +90°C


Categories: RUBBER.