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Foam Mattress Overlays

Foam Mattress Overlays

Having a comfortable mattress to settle down on at night should feel as indulgent as a good slice of cake. With this being the case, then having foam mattress toppers or foam overlays on your mattress would be the luxurious icing on this particular cake.

Here at Act Foam, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a quality selection to our customers, and as such we stock a wide range of foam overlays so that our customers can always find the right one. Our range includes the incredibly popular memory foam mattress covers, which offer fantastic heat regulation abilities to help you remain cool whilst you sleep. The memory foam mattress covers also provide the comfort associated with memory foam at a fraction of the price. This comfort stems from the way that memory foam molds to the shape of your body and as such it does not ‘push back’ so you are able to be supported more evenly. Our memory foam mattress covers may not be a whole mattress, but they feel just as good to sleep on.

Amazingly, using our foam mattress toppers also has health benefits, as many are pretreated with the Healthguard process which helps prevent dust mites and bacteria from establishing a presence in your bed. Along with these fantastic reasons, a foam overlay will give an aging mattress a new lease of life,saving you from the expense of replacing it. However this is simply an added benefit, the overriding reason we recommend anyone consider purchasing a foam mattress cover is the comfort factor. Even if your bed is already very comfortable, the added layer of luxury one of our products could bring will make the world of difference and ensure an even better nights sleep.

The old adage tells us that it is not possible to have your cake and eat it too, but in the case of our mattress toppers, this saying could not be further from the truth. Put the icing on your cake and dig in with a foam mattress topper today.