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Camping & Swag Mattresses

Camping and Swag Mattresses

Sleeping on the ground is never fun; it is hard, lumpy, cold, and if you are really luck then that’s all but there can be all manner of other unpleasantness down there as well. This is pretty much the main reason most people who go camping choose to use a tent rather than simply sleep under the stars – as a species, we are used to our creature comforts.

There isn’t really a much more basic comfort than your bed, a soft and warm little slice of heaven after a long day. There really is no reason to leave this comfort behind when you go camping as Act Foam can offer you a quality camping mattress from our comprehensive range. Of our products, the Swag mattress is probably the most hardy as it is designed to be used in a Swag bag. Consequently, they offer a waterproof base along with a slim design and high density foam construction which makes a Swag mattress the perfect camping mattress for the most adventurous among us.

Foam is a commonly used component of standard domestic mattresses, as it offers excellent comfort and heat balancing benefits. We have ensured that our camping range also includes a high density foam camping mattress selection, which are incredibly comfortable and portable. This offers a really good advantage over less dense products as the density of the foam not only helps to support your body evenly, but it also means that any imperfections and lumps in the ground shape are at least mostly absorbed by the foam camping mattress beneath you.

Whether you choose a foam camping mattress or a Swag mattress, experiencing life in the great outdoors doesn’t have to be any rougher than you choose to make it. We aren’t all hardened polar explorers who are used to living in the absolute extremes of nature; so for those of us that are thoroughly used to our creature comforts, there is no reason not to have a fantastic camping mattress ready to go the next time you hear the call of the wild.