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The look and feel of a carpet can completely define the feel of a room or space. The colours, the textures, the softness, all of these factor in to how you perceive the space, which is why we believe that having the best carpet is absolutely essential.

We are proud to stock a range of specialised carpets to meet the needs of special spaces. Our range includes marine carpets, automotive carpets and wholesale commercial carpets, all of which are available in a variety of colours so that we can provide the perfect look for your space. When purchasing automotive carpets, we would always advise that you enhance it with some automotive underlay to provide the best finish possible. Our underlay is soft, spongy and made from 100% recycled materials; fitting it in your car will help ensure the longevity of your automotive carpets as it will provide cushioning between the carpet and the car. This means that the metalwork of the cars’ body will not be able to rub against and subsequently wear the carpet, whilst also making it far more pleasant to stand on.

Marine carpets on the other hand might sound like a strange idea, but many of the most luxurious boats and yachts in the world have carpets, the trick is getting the right one. All of our marine carpets are designed to be resistant to all of the perils a life at sea can throw at them to ensure that they continue to look their best, no matter what conditions they are subjected to. A similar strength and resilience is also found in our wholesale commercial carpets, as these are designed for use in busy places with a lot of footfall traffic so being hard wearing is essential. Places like offices, restaurants and cinemas to name but a few, all experience a lot of people moving through them on a daily basis, so as well as being able to look fantastic when installed, our wholesale commercial carpets are stain resistant and very robust.

We like to believe that all of our carpets will help our customers to create the perfect feeling for their spaces, whilst providing a long lasting and reliable product.