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Soundproofing Insulation and Acoustic Panels

Soundproofing, Insulation and Acoustic Panels

 In the modern world it is very rare that we can find even partial peace and quiet for ourselves. The hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life along with the more compact living conditions of modern buildings that many of us find ourselves in can mean that finding some golden time that you can enjoy in silence is a tall order indeed.

Bringing the golden silence back into people’s lives is important to us at ACT Foam, and we hope this is reflected in our range of noise limiting products. So, if noise is a concern that you would prefer to live without, then a strong combination of our acoustic panels and acoustic noise barriers will definitely be able to provide you with a remarkable improvement.

The simplest of our products in our range are the acoustic panels, these 50cm square panels are made of a high density polyurethane acoustic foam that disrupts the resonance of sound waves within a room by providing an uneven surface. This prevents the sound waves from reverberating effectively and offers a great solution for improving the sound quality in a room as they have the effect of absorbing and disrupting residual sound. Acoustic panels are perfectly complemented by acoustic noise barriers if you are finding that you require extra or more concealed soundproofing. We offer a very effective selection of acoustic noise barriers that can be installed into walls, floors or other surfaces so that they are invisible but provide a robust barrier that sound has great difficulty in crossing.

It can be surprising just how much difference installing noise cancelling products can make, but acoustic foam is a very effective method of reducing noise within rooms and noise barriers are excellent at tackling sound penetration. Using these products together will let you see just how golden silence can be; before you know it acoustic foam will be your new best friend and you’ll never know how you lived without it.